I just received an email that is an interesting variation of your average Nigerian 419 scam email. I have received many of these scams in my time, and I am even saving some of the most original ones. This one is even less plausible than the Iraqi version of the scam, which is something practically taken from the script of Three Kings. Notice the manager’s poor grammar, and the Jesus-speak at the end.

From The Desk Of

The Manager

Absa Bank OfSouth Africa.

Direct: Tell/Fax: 27-11-5076966

E-mail: absachairman@walla.com

Ref: 00367/ABSA/XX004 Date: 3rd November 2004.

Dear Beneficiary, Good day to you and your family, I am, Dr. Cronje Danie the Chairman of (Absa Bank, South Africa), I got to know your contact through Absa Bank Internet Search Engine and this gave me confident that you will be of good assistance to me, on this very proposal I am going to explain to you.

We discover that US$12 million was paid into one of our overseas investor’s account and our bank do not have the knowledge that the beneficiary of the said fund died last year been June 17 2003 on his way to cape town. So I myself been his Chairman I have every information with regards to his account.

So my reason of willing to contact you is because I believe in myself that you can handle business of such magnitude. Really, the beneficiary did not know that any fund was deposited on his account before his death. So;We are only seeking for assistance form a honest person who we will use his bank account through a right channel to transfer this fund out of the Absa bank to an offshore account for our personal use and this can be done if on your side you agreed to the terms and can provide an account that we will use to transfer this fund. We have agreed that you will be giving 35% of the amount for your kind assistance and 5% has been set aside for settling any expenses that might incurs during the processing of this transaction before sharing.

We wish to let you know that this transaction is 1000% risk free and have to be kept highly confidential which will only be a top secret between you and my other partners. Upon receipt of your reply indicating your readiness to assist by providing an account to be use for the onward transfer of the fund, which will take not more than 5 bank working days. We will then give you the full details and steps to be taking for smooth transfer of the fund into your nominated bank account that you will provide for the transaction.

Endeavor to contact me on my direct Tel/Fax number: +27-11-5076966.

I await your response.

NOTE: My GOD well strengthens every Man and Woman, which this mail has gotten to in JESUS Name AMEN, With GOD All Things Are Possible.

Yours Faithfully,


The Chairman. (Absa Bank South Africa).

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