Are hackers a real threat to the security of nations? The Pentagon seems to think so, which is why it is updating its computer security systems to respond to more sophisticated threats. This at the time that the U.S. Secretary of Defense warns that his country is under constant “cyberattacks”, allegedly by Russian and Chinese spies.

Is this neo-post-cold-war rhetoric, or are there real threats involved. It is hard to say, but it seems evident that in an increasingly networked world there will be an increase in cyberwarfare, and intelligence will take place online. While there is ah hint of hysteria in some of these stories, there is no doubt that state-sponsored hacking has become a hot topic after the coordinated attacks on Georgia last year.

Bruce Perens describes something similar happening when there was a coordinated attack against web infrastructure in a city in California.  Die Hard 4.0 anyone?


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