The sad case of the ‘Star Wars kid‘ in Canada has been settled out of court. A teenager in Quebec made a video where he emulated the double lightsabre famously wielded by Darth Maul. The video was released on the internet by three other students, labeled as the “Star Wars Kid”. Needless to say, the video became a viral phenomenon, and generated a number of parodies. If you watch the videos, you will understand that Ghyslain Raza did not have a chance. After the video was released he was endlessly harassed by classmates at school, where they united in chanting “Star Wars Kid” every time he walked by.

The press reports are not clear on the nature of the lawsuit, but I have read that it could have been about copyright infringement. After all, if Raza filmed the video, he owns the copyright and he has the exclusive right of reproduction and making it available to the public.

A warning then to the unaware: never video your Star Wars moves.


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