Crowdfunding needs a curator

[blackbirdpie url=”″] I have just read one of the most interesting tweets in a while, and I suspect that the author’s intention was different from the actual result. In case you cannot read the code above, it is a comment from Joe Hill to Neil Gaiman complaining about how geeks Read more…


Why sue when you can use social media?

Yesterday we got a very interesting lesson about law enforcement online. Imagine that you discover your rights are being violated in some way, and you are almost certain that you are on the right. Traditionally you had three options: do nothing, contact the offender to negotiate, or file a lawsuit. Read more…


Is it time to take Anonymous seriously?

Anyone who has ever heard me speak about Internet regulation will know of my barely contained scepticism with regards to Barlow’s Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, and all that it represents. In fact, the Declaration speaks of a more innocent time in Internet history, and it is usually considered to Read more…


Twitter panic

xkcd once again demonstrates keen insight into new technologies. I’m not really worried about swine flu. Now, if it was the dreaded alpaca pox, things would be different. By the way, if you think that this is an exaggeration, check out the hash tag #swineflu.