I have been a fan of The Truth Laid Bear for quite a while, as it measures linkability to generate an accurate picture of the blog ecosystem. Having been an Insignificant Microbe for a while, I am now delighted that for the first time I have achieved Lowly Insect status. The categories are:

Insignificant Microbe • Multicellular Microorganism • Wiggly Worm • Crunchy Crustacean • Lowly Insect • Slimy Mollusc • Flippery Fish • Crawly Amphibian • Slithering Reptile • Flappy Bird • Adorable Little Rodent • Marauding Marsupial • Large Mammal • Playful Primate • Mortal Human • Higher Being

To put things in context, relative newcomers panGloss and Patenting Lives are Multicellular Microorganisms (well done Jo and Lilian!); geeklawyer is a Wiggly Worm; Lenz Blog and Axel H. Horns are fellow Lowly Insects; Creative Commons Blog is a Flippery Fish; IPKat is a Crawly Amphibian (highest ranked UK blog I believe, gratz!); Lessig Blog is an Adorable Little Rodent (I’m not making this up); and Boing Boing is a Mortal Human. Groklaw is not listed, of which I’m a bit surprised.

Can I be a Slimy Mollusc? That didn’t come out as intended.

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