Imagine a device that records your location at all times, that can be used to take videos and pictures of any event and upload it to social media with little concern for privacy of the subjects.

Were you thinking of Google Glass? I was actually thinking of the worse threat to human privacy ever invented:


I have to admit that I have been baffled by the animosity and irrational scaremongering projected against Google Glass. A PR-aware bar owner has made the tech headlines by banning the use of Google Glass within its premises, months before anyone will be wearing a pair in public. At the prices being talked about, the number of people who will be wearing them will be miniscule. Eventually, when prices go down and adoption rates go up, there will be more users, but I bet nothing even remotely similar to smart-phone adoption rates. So where is the outrage about the ubiquitous camera and GPS tracking capabilities of the smart-phone? Why single out Google Glass?

Perhaps it’s the potential to have always-on tracking what sets the Glass apart, but really it is a matter of degree. I see the potential of augmented reality more likely to be a force for good than damaging for privacy.

I, for one, welcome our new glass-wearing overlords.

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