I have always been a fan of 419 scams. The broken English. The promise of untold riches beyond your imagining coming from the wife of the late Prince of Persia, Khadaffi’s widow, or a soldier in Iraq. The random nature. The appeals to your deity of choice. What’s not to like?

I’ve received this beauty. I’m highlighting it for various reasons, amongst which is the novel fact that they actually present a real address to an apparently valid Chambers in Holborn. You can tell they really tried with this one, but the English is not quite there, with a telling absence of key articles. Also, I love the legal disclaimer they included, which states that the email represents an authoritative interpretation of the law. You have to laugh. Here it is for your amusement:


Your contact was submitted to our information department here in United Kingdom. 
It is very possible that you are related to our deceased client. We do have your 
name listed in his last Will. We also notify that we are legal custodians of his funds 
and estates in United Kingdom. 

We have no evidence of any other benefactor from your family, hence we have 
contacted you to help secure the claims. If this is not done in a few weeks, 
we shall relinquish the custodianship back to British Government. The probate 
regulation requires that a family member assumes patrimony of the deceased funds 
or the funds would be confiscated by the government after some time of dormancy

Details of funds and estates will be disclosed if you stand as beneficiary. 

Thank you.

N____ F____ QC
X Chambers
London, ______
United Kingdom
E-mail: _____
This communication may contain any discussion of legal matters, hence 
should be taken as an authoritative interpretation of the law.
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Burkhard · November 7, 2012 at 11:24 am

Congratulation Dr Lllama by the way!

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