The Register brings two stories that are relevant to the music download debate. The first one is that music sales in the UK are still increasing, with growth in the last year of 2.1%. Wait a second! Aren’t music downloads supposed to spell the death of music sales? Isn’t it true that all of those evil downloaders have brought the music industry to their knees? Apparently not, what music downloading has done is bring CD prices down. The same report states that legal downloads are on the increase.

The other report states that Napster is now offering more than a million songs to their customers. These are amazing news for the industry, and seem to indicate that the music business can survive the existence of P2P networks.

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Andrew Ducker · November 28, 2004 at 6:43 am

Sadly, there are lots of songs that Napster still don't have. Large chunks of my music collection still isn't available through them.

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