One of Britain’s most iconic copyright exports is back. The new Lara Croft game will be released soon by British gaming giant EIDOS.

How much of Britain’s economy relies on Lara? Perhaps not much on Lara specifically, but the UK is increasingly relying on copyright exports. 5% of all of the UK’s exports originate from the creative industries, while they make 4.5% of the economy. The success of games like Tomb Raider are vital for the economy. The creative industries pay well and help the international trade balance. So go out (or in actually) and game for your country!

However, I am rather worried about a new wave of Lara cosplay. Unfortunately, any rise in Tomb Raider’s popularity is always followed by sightings of people emulating Lara Croft. There are the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Intrigued by cosplay? This video may provide some education. Gamers having fun.

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