(via Groklaw and Nicolas Jondet) Those not familiar with the SCO v IBM case, you can find some basic information here. Last week Groklaw reported on a ruling that single-handedly dismantled SCO’s copyrights claims. SCO based their suit almost entirely on the assumption that they owned rights over UNIX code, which has been ruled out. Novell owns the UNIX code, end of story.

But now SCO is in trouble. It has been the belief of many following the case that SCO was playing the stock market, as after their original complaint back in 2003 their shares rose meteorically in the market. Now their investors are abandoning the company in droves, as the stock’s only appeal was the potential of a victory against IBM. For those who also believe that this has been funded by a certain Redmond company, this will certainly seem like a pie in their face.

I feel like resurrecting the idea of writing that SCO v IBM paper. So many ideas, so little time.


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