Torrent is not dead

Those singing the demise of the Bittorrent network should not get ahead of themselves. The existing technology can still be used for countless purposes where the sharing of large files is needed. There is also a lot that can be done with a system that marries torrent technology with the Read more…

The war against piracy

The movie industry keeps flexing their muscles to fight piracy. They have won a case against a website that charged its users to download music. Good for them! This serves to lend momentumn to their efforts to sue P2P users who download movies, which has been stopped in court recently.

Kazaa v 3.0 offers internet calling

The latest version of Kazaa now offers internet phone technology from Skype. This seems to be a natural progression for their P2P technology, enhancing the possible non-infringing uses of such networks. However, Kazaa still suffers from spyware, and it has been also losing customers to e-Mule, which has built-in torrent Read more…

So, downloads do affect sales

Yet another study about the economic effect of music downloads. This one says that downloads are damaging to sales. The link will only take you to an abstract, the paper is offered for sale, or can be downloaded while in a developing country.

Torrent rules the web

35% of all internet traffic is Torrent traffic. As Kazaa and other P2P sites diminish because of legal attacks, BitTorrent increases. The problem for copyright owners is that Torrent technology is very much capable of non-infringing uses, as the recent lecture by Cory Doctorow proves. Nevertheless, the first case against Read more…