Attack of the zombies

This sounds like a badly written zombie movie. A man in Scotland is being held under suspicion of keeping a zombie network. A zombie is netspeak for a computer that has been hijacked to produce a certain effect, such as serving spam, serving viruses or sending DoS attacks (denial of Read more…

New virus hits computers

As usual, Windows computers have been hit with a virus. The Sober-I virus has been hitting Windows machines since yesterday. Apparently it replicates itself using Windows mailing programmes, and sends loads of copies of itself. It also deletes and modifies some files, which compromises Windows systems. I am glad that Read more…

Spammer trial begins

Three people are being charged in Virginia for breaking the state’s anti-spam legislation. They could get up to fifteen years sentence if convicted. We don’t like spammers, but 15 years? Seems a bit excessive! And no Monty Python jokes please.

Phishing blues

The BBC reports that phishing is on the increase, spearheaded by hi-jacked computers that serve emails. This vulnerability happens from virus attacks that exploit several Windows vulnerabilities and leave computers open to hacker manipulation. I promise to migrate to Linux when I get my *!ӣ$%& wireless card to work.