CC 4.0, an end to porting Creative Commons licences?

Last week, Yours Truly attended the 5th edition of the Creative Commons Summit in Warsaw, Poland. This was an impressive event bringing together Creative Commons affiliates and enthusiasts from all over the world. Anyone who has been following the rise of Creative Commons as an international movement may have noticed […]

Live from Warsaw

Yours truly has been on the road for the last week, through the northern frozen wilderness of Edinburgh to the urban post-apocalyptic wastelands of London. Now I am attending the 5th edition of the Creative Commons Summit in Warsaw. This affair promises to be more focused, the program looks impressive, […]

Is Portugal about to make Creative Commons illegal?

Through Twitter we have learned a staggering new development in Portugal, which threatens Creative Commons licences and other open content licensing schemes. According to several reports, the Portuguese Socialist Party is announcing that it will push for a reform to its copyright legislation that will make economic rights inalienable and […]