The programme for the upcoming SCRIPTed conference has been published, and it looks pretty interesting.

29 MARCH 2009
Welcome Wine Reception (Playfair Library)
30 MARCH 2009
Registration (Raeburn Room Vestibule) (Posters Erected)
Welcome & Opening (Playfair Library) (Chair: Prof Graeme Laurie, SCRIPT)
Prof Douglas Brodie, Head of Law School
Shawn Harmon, Editor-in-Chief, SCRIPTed, and Wiebke Abel, Managing Editor, SCRIPTed
Keynote Address (Playfair Library) (Chair: Prof Hector McQueen, SCRIPT)
DR FRANCIS GURRY, “The Future Direction of the International Patent System”
Coffee Break
Parallel-1: “IP-1 – IP & Nanotechnology” (Playfair Library) (Chair: Jane Calvert, InnoGen)
Herbert Zech, “Nanotechnology – New Challenges to Patent Law?”
Krishna Srinivas, “Nanotechnology, Synthetic Biology and Intellectual Property: Towards Open Source and ‘Commons’ Solutions”
Archana Chugh & Kanika Sharma, “Dilemmas of IP in Nanotechnology: an Indian Perspective”

Parallel-2: “IT-1 – E-governance” (Raeburn Room) (Chair: Burkhard Schafer, SCRIPT)
Anton Geist, “Preventing Information Overload in Computer-Assisted Legal Research: Ranking Austrian Supreme Court Cases According to Legal Relevance”
Hisham Tahat, “The Legal Framework of E-Government in Jordan: A Global Perspective”
Joseph Savirimuthu, “Online Dispute Resolution, E-Justice and Web 2.0”

Parallel-3: “IT-2 – Internet & Security” (Playfair Library)(Chair: Burkhard Schafer, SCRIPT)
Sara Smyth, “Child Pornography and the Law (Canada): A New Agenda for the Information Age”
Mohamad Rahman, “Efficiency of Criminal Legal Mechanisms in Handling the Invasion of Malwares, Badwares and Bad Cookies”
Gerrit Hornung, “Governing Electronic Identities: The Authentication Concept of the New German ID Card”

Parallel-4: “Med-1 – Stem Cell Governance” (Raeburn Room) (Chair: Ann Bruce, InnoGen)
Amanda Warren-Jones, “Human Stem Cells: Catching a Tiger by the Tail”
Maria Arellano, “Human Dignity Among Divergent Legal Traditions and Regulations on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Constructing an Operational Definition”
Rosario Isasi, “Policy Interoperability in the Stem Cell Research: Perspectives & Challenges”
Fabiana Arzuaga, “Stem Cell Research Regulation in Latin America”

Coffee Break (Poster Event)
Parallel-5: “Med-2 – New Issues” (Playfair Library) (Chair: Renate Gertz, U Glasgow)
Bald de Vries & Lyana Francot, “Self-Determination in a Techno-World: Euthanasia as a Case Study”
Naomi Hawkins, “Gene Patents and Genetic Diagnostic Tests”
Norberto Gomes de Andrade, “Enhancement Technologies and Human Identity: A Legal Perspective”

Parallel-6: “IP-2 – Copyright” (Raeburn Room) (Chair: Smita Kheria, SCRIPT)
Sotiria Kechagia, “Copyright & Technology: The Management of Digital IP Rights”
Nicolas Jondet, “The French Creation and Internet Law and the Disconnection of Copyright Offenders”
Tobias Bednarz, “Collective Management of Copyright in Music: An Outdated Concept in the Online World?”

Conference Dinner & Ceilidh
31 MARCH 2009
Keynote Speaker (Playfair Library) (Chair: Prof Graeme Laurie, SCRIPT)
PROF BARTHA KNOPPERS, “Genomics and Policymaking”
Parallel-7: “IP-3 – Patents” (Raeburn Room) (Chair: Prof Hector McQueen, SCRIPT)
Juan He, “Practice and Strategy of Patent Protection for Biotechnology Inventions in China”
Abbe Brown, “The Interface Between IP, Competition and Human Rights”
Richard Taylor, “Playing Catch-Up: IP Law and New Technologies – A View from Practice”

Parallel-8: “Med-3 – Biobank Governance” (Playfair Library) (Chair: Ann Bruce, InnoGen)
Elisa Stefanini, “Biobanks in Italian Legislation: Mind the Gap!”
Graeme Laurie, “Biobanks in the UK and UK Biobank Governance”
Shang-Yung Yen, “Biobanking in UK and Taiwan: Controversies and Governance”

Coffee Break
Parallel-9: “IP-4 – ICTs & IP” (Playfair Library) (Chair: Andres Guadamuz, SCRIPT)
Stefan Larsson & Mans Svensson, “Law in Books, Norms in Action: Governing IPRs in a File Sharing Society”
Simon Bradshaw, “The IP Implications of Cheap 3D Fabricators”
Andrew Torrance, “Patents and the Regress of Useful Arts”

llel-10: “IT-3 – Internet & E-Usage” (Raeburn Room)
(Chair: Burkhard Schafer, SCRIPT)
Daithi Mac Sithigh, “Law in the Last Mile: Three Stories of Wireless Internet Access”
Anniina Huttunen et al., “Cooling-Off the Over-Heated Discussion of Consumer Digital Rights Discourse by Extending the Cooling-Off Period to Digital Services”
Shizuka Abe & On-Kwok Lai, “Enriching the Quality of Life for Global Aging Society in the Information Age: The Positive Use of ICTs in Asia”
Scott Boone, “Why Study Virtual Worlds?”

Lunch (Poster Adjudication)
Keynote Speaker (Playfair Library) (Chair: Prof Lilian Edwards, SCRIPT)
PROF DAN HUNTER, “Information Monoculture”
15:15 Coffee Break
Parallel-11: “Med-4 – Health Data” (Raeburn Library) (Chair: Renate Gertz, U Glasgow)
Simone Penasa, “From Biological Provision Towards Genetic Rules: The Need for a Multidimensional System of Genetic Privacy Protection: The Italian Case in the EU”
Mario Cunha, “The Use of Health Data by Private Actors: An Analysis of the Italian Data Protection Framework”
Matteo Macilotti, “Property and Privacy in the Regulation of Research Biobanks”

Parallel-12: “IT-4 – Internet & Crime” (Playfair Library) (Chair: Richard Jones, U Edinburgh)
Lilian Edwards, “Filtering and Freedoms in the Online World”
TJ McIntyre, “Content, Control & Cyberspace: The End of Internet Regulatory Forbearance in the UK”
Andres Guadamuz, “Cybercrime, Cyber-Warfare, Networks and Resilience”

Thank You & Closing (Playfair Library)
Shawn Harmon, Editor-in-Chief, SCRIPTed, and Wiebke Abel, Managing Editor, SCRIPTed

You can register here.


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