Ministry of Sound gives up P2P claims

Last month we reported on an interesting development taking place in the copyright enforcement front. Law firm Gallant Macmillan requested a Norwich Pharmacal order (NPO) against BT in order to identify thousands of alleged copyright infringers of its music. Because of the ACS:Law email leak debacle, BT decided to fight […]

Is Firesheep illegal?

SocialMediaLand has been flooded in the last couple of days with stories about Firesheep. In case you have not heard about it, Firesheep is a Firefox add-on that allows anyone to hijack other people’s social network accounts in open wifi zones. The way the application works is staggeringly simple. If […]

Is it time to take Anonymous seriously?

Anyone who has ever heard me speak about Internet regulation will know of my barely contained scepticism with regards to Barlow’s Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, and all that it represents. In fact, the Declaration speaks of a more innocent time in Internet history, and it is usually considered to […]

ACTA in the UK

The final draft of the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been released to the public (unlike previous drafts, which were leaked). Previously we had looked at the possible changes that the agreement would bring to UK copyright law. I am happy to say that at least the worst case scenario […]

Poetic licence

I loved this version of the BSD open source licence in rhyme so much that I thought I would have to reproduce it here. NOTE: The author does not like the poem to be reproduced anywhere other than in his page (the poem is ironically posted with All Rights Reserved). […]

Will the ebook kill the book?

Finished reading yet another semi-Luddite piece against e-books in today’s Guardian. The author says: “The valedictories for what is now disdainfully called “dead tree publishing” may be similarly premature. The lessons from history are that technological progress is uneven, that consumers are often sceptical of techno-hype, and that new technologies […]

New map of online communities

For years, xkcd’s map of the online communities has been my favourite graphical representations of the Internet, and it has been immortalised as the cover of Edwards and Waelde’s Law and the Internet. Now there is an update, and what a beautiful update it is: Desert of Food Updates. River […]

ISPs set to fight future IP data disclosure in the UK

On the back of the ACS:Law debacle, there has been a lot of interest in the way in which firms like ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons obtained customer information from internet service providers linking IP addresses to broadband account holders. The information was obtained in English courts through what is known […]