The ongoing war on encryption

Last year there was a highly reported public debate between the FBI and Apple regarding the encryption used to protect an iPhone belonging to the San Bernardino terrorist shooter. The FBI wanted Apple to unlock the phone, but Apple argued that doing so was not only difficult, but it would […]

US court dismisses important Creative Commons non-commercial case

People familiar with Creative Commons have been worried recently about a litigation in the United States regarding the non-commercial element in the licences, which had the potential to negatively affect the integrity of the licensing environment by narrowly defining non-commercial use. The case is between Great Minds, a non-profit organisation […]

The online radicalisation of young men

“THE CRUSADE IS COMING! RACE WAR WHITES AGAINST MUSLIMS” This message was not shouted during a UKIP meeting, a Le Pen rally, or an English Defence League demonstration. I did not read it in Breitbart News, or Infowars. I did not read it in an alt-right group or blog. I […]