Google Drive

Google is set to roll out another service for its users that takes advantage of its seemingly unlimited storage and processing power. GDrive is a service that will allow users to store their files online in Google’s servers, where they can access them from anywhere on the Internet. The convenience Read more…

Yet another Google story

(Via IPKat) It seems like everywhere one looks these days the techie press and the blogosphere are all talking about Google. First Google and China, then the Google Search function. All interesting stories, particularly the strange fascination with “free porn” on the part of American lawmakers and Fox News (surprise, Read more…

EPIC 2015

A dystopian look at the future? The shape of things to come? This is a Flash movie that has been around for a while, but it just has been updated to include the latest from Google and Apple. Enjoy. Or be afraid. Be very afraid.

Google in trouble?

Google Print continues to suffer from mounting opposition from publishers and authors. It has been reported that it was sued by the Author’s Guild, but it is now also being sued by the Association of American Publishers, which includes some big names like McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education and Penguin. In Europe Read more…

Meet Google, the boy

The Google blog has the story of Oliver Google Kai, born in Sweden from two technology enthusiasts who, you guessed it, love Google. Fortunately I do not have any offspring, otherwise there could be a little Wikipedia walking the streets of Edinburgh.