This is a very interesting article about the growing practice of plagiarism online, particularly fueled by the blog explosion. More and more people are joining the bandwagon and creating a blog, writing their thoughts and opinions for the world to read (or more accurately, for their reluctant and suffering friends and family to read). The problem is that the increase in quantity is in no way an indication of an increase in quality, and some of the new bloggers are finding out that writing is not as easy as it seems (at least I have the excuse that I’m not a native English speaker). What to do then? Give up on your dream to have a blog and an audience? No, just copy and paste what somebody with talent has written. Who will find out? What really struck me about the article is that a lot of people, when confronted with their offence, will just shrug it off and walk away.

I’m just glad that nobody has found out yet that my posts are a clever mish-mash of paragraphs from Boing-Boing, IPKat and Groklaw.

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