The Rise and Fall of Wikileaks

Back in 2010, Wikileaks was at the peak of its power and influence. The release of the Collateral Murder video, of the Afghanistan logs, and of the US diplomatic cables have to be seen as the zenith of the struggle between the Internet and the world powers. Although I was always concerned about the [...]

Is this the first anti-Wikileaks law?

Some people might welcome anti-Wikileaks laws

The Costa Rican legislature has just passed Law 9048, which includes reforms to the country’s Criminal Code to create new cybercrime offences. Some of these bring the country in line with anti-hacking provisions present in international standards like the Convention on Cybercrime, such as rules against illegal access [...]

The first Internet revolution?

Much virtual and real ink has been spent in the last few days to talk about the role of social media in the Tunisian and Egyptian popular revolts, some more informed, and some making rather grandiose exaggerated claims. One thing is true, while it is impossible to quantify the impact of the Internet on the [...]

Internet regulation and Wikileaks: What have we learned so far?

Not everyone seemed happy with a more open Web

For Internet regulation geeks, last week has been one of the most exciting events in recent time, as we have been presented with almost a crash course in some of the main regulation theories of the last 15 years. The release of thousands of leaked [...]

Wikileaks: So, this is what cyberwar looks like

A couple of days ago we wrote a small post thinking about ways in which Wikileaks could be taken off the Web. The conclusion was that Wikileaks might survive almost any type of concerted effort to remove it from the Internet. I was not really expecting the strength with which those words would be [...]

Can Wikileaks be stopped?

The entire world seems to be looking at Wikileaks after the release of some of the almost 250,000 diplomatic wires from U.S. embassies and consulates around the world. Endless lines will be written about this, my own view is close to what Simon Jenkins writes in his commentary piece in The Guardian, the media has [...]

Quis custodiet Wikileaks?

Thanks to yesterday’s post about Wikileaks, the BBC World Service invited me to their program “World Have Your Say“. If you are bored, you can find the program here as a podcast. I’m on after 30 minutes or so (note to self: eloquence is not your forte, stick to writing).

I had prepared some notes [...]

Wikileaks and the dream of the open web

In case you have not seen it yet, Wikileaks has released a video of an American helicopter crew opening fire on a group of men in Iraq, and later firing on a van that was trying to retrieve the wounded. I have been debating with myself whether to embed the video here. It is seriously [...]