Australian court denies appeal in landmark ISP liability case

You're right Skippy, maybe the movie industry will finally give up this time.

Last year an Australian judge gave an important ruling in the landmark case Roadshow Films Pty Ltd v iiNet Limited [2010] FCA 24. You can read a full report on the case by yours truly here. iiNet is an Australian internet [...]

Anonymous IP manifesto

Following up from the story about the Internet group Anonymous taking itself too seriously, the organisers of the now infamous Operation Payback have issued a statement of intentions. It seems like they were honestly thinking that they would be getting more serious attention by then, given the grandiose claims they make. I reproduce the statement [...]

Ministry of Sound gives up P2P claims

Last month we reported on an interesting development taking place in the copyright enforcement front. Law firm Gallant Macmillan requested a Norwich Pharmacal order (NPO) against BT in order to identify thousands of alleged copyright infringers of its music. Because of the ACS:Law email leak debacle, BT decided to fight the NPO, [...]

ISPs set to fight future IP data disclosure in the UK

On the back of the ACS:Law debacle, there has been a lot of interest in the way in which firms like ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons obtained customer information from internet service providers linking IP addresses to broadband account holders. The information was obtained in English courts through what is known as a Norwich Pharmacal order [...]

ACS:Law: This is what regulatory failure looks like

So, the ACS:Law email leak is the gift that keeps on giving as reports have come out of more unsecured sensible data included in Andrew Crossley’s emails. While I have expressed that I generally disagree with vigilante justice, for some reason the words chickens, home, and roost keep coming up in my mind. I am [...]

ACS:Law: When bad things happen to bad people

For some time now English law firm ACS:Law has been in the middle of controversy for its use of dubious tactics against copyright infringers. ACS:Law’s cause célèbre is that they became famous when they teamed-up with porn producers and then they started sending cease-and-desist letters to people claiming that they had been [...]

U.S. to escalate War on Piracy at domain name level

Back in July we reported about a new strategy by American copyright enforcement authorities against websites considered to be pirating. “Operation In Our Sites” (notice the clever pun, or play of words) revoked the domain name registration of several sites engaged in copyright infringement. At the time, several people commented that this was not likely [...]

Escalating the war on piracy: domain names

Root servers

There have been several reports about the next stage in the War on Piracy (must avoid making off-topic comments about the inherent stupidity of declaring armed hostilities against abstract concepts). I am talking of course about “Operation In Our Sites” (must not comment about some poor smug bureaucrat who thought the pun [...]

Limewire, ISOHunt, PirateBay and the future of P2P

Wishful thinking?

It is perhaps an indication of how times have changed that the content industries have won some decisive legal battles in court against Limewire, isoHunt and the PirateBay, yet these have not prompted the same level of scrutiny that previous cases have.

The reason for this is quite simple. Whoever thinks that [...]

Musicians pro-piracy

One Mr Liam Gallagher has eloquently expressed what many musicians feel about file-sharing:

“I don’t mind it. I hate all these big, silly rock stars who moan – at least they’re f**king downloading your music, you c**t, and paying attention, know what I mean? You should f**king appreciate that – what are you moaning about? [...]