Anatomy of a Skype hack attack

A few days ago I was hacked for the first time in my life.

I keep telling me that everything is fine, that given the statistics this is nothing to be ashamed of. Even experts get hacked from time to time. It was meant to happen, for someone who spends such a large amount [...]

Is the Internet under attack?

Jen breaks the Internet

The Internet is currently slowed down because of a massive DDoS attack against one anti-spam organization. At least this is the story being reported everywhere, from the New York Times to The Guardian. Or is it?

Spamhaus is a non-profit organisation dedicated to fighting unsolicited communications by maintaining [...]

The cloud is making us insecure

Keeping local information is a thing of the past. Nowadays everything is in the cloud, haven’t you heard? From Dropbox to Google Drive we keep our files stored in some nameless data farm in Iowa, and any Apple user will have lots of information stored in the iCloud. While these usually mean very sensitive data [...]

Passwords and cybersecurity

The above xkcd cartoon should be required viewing for every IT professional making decisions about cybersecurity. We are now constantly faced with services that ask us to change passwords all the time, and these must meet certain requirements. The password must have a cap, a number, and increasingly, a special character such as !$&# [...]

Cyberpunk 2.0

I am currently reading REAMDE, Neal Stephenson’s latest novel, and although I am still going through the initial pages (I am savouring it as I do most of Stephenson’s work), and it already has me thinking about new trends in literature.

Cyberpunk is a well-defined post-modern sub-genre within science fiction, with a distinctive narrative [...]

Are hacking sanctions proportional to the crime?

Scotland Yard has caught LulzSec’s Topiary, their biggest scalp to date. Topiary has been identified as Jake Davis, an 18 year-old from the Shetland Islands (pictured here looking like a poster child for teenage hackers, including Neo-wannabe shades). He appeared in court earlier today and was released on bail, under condition that he should [...]

Hacking and DDoS: lessons from network resilience

After the spectacular hacking of The Sun newspaper and News International websites that took place earlier this week, hacking collectives like Anonymous, LulzSec and AntiSec seem unstoppable. This air of invulnerability was part of LulzSec’s gloating the night the attack on The Sun’s web services took place.

#bbpBox_93093868379193344 a { text-decoration:none; color:#171cb3; }#bbpBox_93093868379193344 a:hover [...]

The Sony Playstation Network hack and Anonymous

There has been a lot said about the PlayStation Network hack, enough to warrant its own Wikipedia page. With a calculated total of 77 million accounts affected, and a breach that has compromised both personal and sensitive financial details, this has been a PR disaster of epic proportions for Sony. In the competitive and profitable [...]

Wikileaks: So, this is what cyberwar looks like

A couple of days ago we wrote a small post thinking about ways in which Wikileaks could be taken off the Web. The conclusion was that Wikileaks might survive almost any type of concerted effort to remove it from the Internet. I was not really expecting the strength with which those words would be [...]

Is Firesheep illegal?

SocialMediaLand has been flooded in the last couple of days with stories about Firesheep. In case you have not heard about it, Firesheep is a Firefox add-on that allows anyone to hijack other people’s social network accounts in open wifi zones. The way the application works is staggeringly simple. If you login to a social [...]