Hardware destruction for fun and profit (or the strange case of the missing hard drives)

Weapons of mass destruction

The Guardian has reported that on July 20th 2013, “shadowy” government officials destroyed several hard drives in their offices, under threat of legal action that would make it impossible to continue publishing stories about the NSA surveillance scandal. These devices contained copies of the files from Edward Snowden, obtained by [...]

What is a terrorist?

Any terrorists under my bed tonight?

On Sunday morning, David Miranda, the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained and interrogated during his transit stop at Heathrow airport on his way to Brazil. He was detained for 9 hours under the Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000, which allows border police and immigration [...]

Geek politics

Does anyone else get the feeling that Internet regulation is starting to resemble a dystopian novel? Widespread surveillance (both public and private). Censorship. Lack of transparency. Prosecution of whistle-blowers. Secret courts. Governments intent on hard-wiring morality into the network. Open standards under attack. Excessive IP enforcement. Centralised architectures.

We are in dire need of [...]

Why CISPA is a global problem

On April 18, 2013, the US House of Representatives passed the Bill H.R. 624, also known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). An earlier version of the bill had been passed already by the US HR, but did not pass the Senate (for earlier analysis of the Bill, see here).

When reading [...]

Instagram updates Terms of Service

You might remember that during last December there was a bit of a scandal regarding Instagram’s new terms of service. Given the level of discontent arising from the decision to change the existing agreement in terms that would be seriously detrimental to users, Instragram has announced that it will be updating the terms of service [...]

Do avatars dream of digital rights?

Free the worgen!

I have been playing World of Warcraft again in preparation for the forthcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion (two words: panda monks!). For years I played in European servers the same character, an Alliance Human mage who then switched sides and joined the Horde as a Blood Elf, and finally settled into [...]

Twitter crimes: Is it time for a social media Bill of Rights?

Two cases in the news have been prompting questions about the way in which we interact with social media, and how it affects everyday life.

In the UK, a teenager has been issued with a harassment order after he made a decidedly offensive tweet to British diver Tom Daley when he and his diving partner [...]

Declaración de Libertad del Internet



Creemos que un Internet libre y abierto puede crear un mundo mejor. Para mantener el Internet libre y abierto, hacemos un llamado a las comunidades, las industrias y los países a reconocer estos principios. Creemos que ayudarán a lograr más creatividad, más innovación y sociedades más abiertas.

Nos unimos a un movimiento internacional [...]