Open letter to UK Parliament about surveillance

An open letter to all members of the House of Commons, Dear Parliamentarian, Ensuring the Rule of Law and the democratic process is respected as UK surveillance law is revised Actions Taken Under the Previous Government During the past two years, the United Kingdom’s surveillance laws and policies have come […]

Mickey Mouse

Should copyright terms be shorter?

The Green Party in the UK has found itself in a bit of hot water with the creative sector when it made a policy statement  that it would shorten copyright terms to 14 years. As far as I am aware, this is the first proposal of its kind outside of […]

Has streaming sunk the pirate brand?

During the last European election, one of the major stories to hit the press was the widespread lurch to the right, and the rise of the Europhobe vote. Very few outlets noticed a significant development for those interested in digital rights, and it was the poor showing of pirate parties […]

Hardware destruction for fun and profit (or the strange case of the missing hard drives)

The Guardian has reported that on July 20th 2013, “shadowy” government officials destroyed several hard drives in their offices, under threat of legal action that would make it impossible to continue publishing stories about the NSA surveillance scandal. These devices contained copies of the files from Edward Snowden, obtained by […]

What is a terrorist?

On Sunday morning, David Miranda, the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, was detained and interrogated during his transit stop at Heathrow airport on his way to Brazil. He was detained for 9 hours under the Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000, which allows border police and immigration officers to […]

Geek politics

Does anyone else get the feeling that Internet regulation is starting to resemble a dystopian novel? Widespread surveillance (both public and private). Censorship. Lack of transparency. Prosecution of whistle-blowers. Secret courts. Governments intent on hard-wiring morality into the network. Open standards under attack. Excessive IP enforcement. Centralised architectures. We are […]