Is this the most ironic YouTube blocking ever?

(via Esther Hoorn) This is such a jewel that I felt like sharing. Click on this link with a video presentation from Larry Lessig entitled “What CC Was For?” When you try to go to the presentation, you are introduced to this screen:

No need to add anything really, sometimes copyright industries do all [...]

Belgian Court recognises CC licences

Professor Séverine Dussollier of the University of Namur has emailed us to let us know about a new case involving Creative Commons in Belgium, and has kindly agreed to allow me to repeat her short analysis of the case here. She writes:

A Belgian court today has applied the CC license to a copyright infringement [...]

Does Creative Commons need more court cases?

Last week the excellent Internet Cases blog reported on an new court case involving Creative Commons licences: GateHouse Media, Inc. v. That’s Great News. I haven’t been able to find the complaint online yet (if anyone has seen it, please drop me a link). Going by Evan Brown’s description, this seems like a straightforward situation [...]

You Are Not a Gadget – a review

Before starting to criticise Jaron Lanier’s “You Are Not a Gadget”, I have to state clearly that this is an important book that should be read by anyone interested in debating the role the Internet plays in modern society. However one may want to criticise its content, and there are plenty who have been doing [...]

Flickr, stock photography and Creative Commons

Indian fruits (by Mathias Klang)

In recent years Flickr has been one of the best examples of user-generated content, billions of pictures uploaded by people all over the world, usually available under a Creative Commons licence. It is because of the sheer volume of content that Flickr has also become one of the most [...]

Creative Commons statement at WIPO CDIP

[Disclaimer: What follows is the vetted CC version. There were a couple of errors in the version I read at the meeting]

Statement by Creative Commons to CDIP5

(Geneva, 26 April 2010)

Thank you Mr Chairman for the opportunity to make a statement; we would like to join other delegates in congratulating you for your [...]

Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) Morning Day One

[Disclaimer: I am attending as representative from Creative Commons, but this blog expresses only my opinions and not CC's]

Dr Francis Gurry, Secreatary General of WIPO opens the proceedings. There are funds and staff for development. Established an office of economist and established a “Challenges” office. There is a new WIPO office on Innovation and [...]


Seems like the volcano gods have stayed their hand, so I’ll be away in Geneva next week attending the Fifth Session of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) at WIPO on behalf of Creative Commons.

Will blog and tweet accordingly depending on internet availability.

Web archiving woes

"Coruscant Law allowed archival fair dealing, so the Jedi archives flourished…"

Read a very interesting article by Wired UK about web archiving. In my experience, one only need utter the word “archive” and audiences the world over will be immediately sent to sleep. Although by now half of my readership will be in the [...]

How to use non-commercial content commercially

Non-commercial clauses in Creative Commons licences tend to be a controversial subject in open licensing circles. Creative Commons has released a sizeable and comprehensive report on the non-commercial definition that answers everything you ever wanted to know about NC. Still, a good number of people in the open camp insist that non-commercial use is not [...]