iOS 6 maps

I have been reading a lot about the problems with the iOS 6 map application, as Apple decided to remove the Google Maps app and roll their own. I thought they were exaggerating until I tried the application with my iPad. Apple, we have a problem…

Here is my current location as seen through Google [...]

The PC is not dead

"The report of my death was an exaggeration"

This is a response to Johnathan Zittrain’s article entitled, surprisingly, The Personal Computer is Dead. I say surprisingly because the title is a bit deceiving, and the content has little to do with the death of the PC as such, 98% of the piece is spent [...]

A week to reflect on openness versus walled gardens

I was not going to mention the sad early departure of Steve Jobs, the media and the blogosphere are already saturated with coverage of his death. Of all the words uttered in the last few days, I think that xkcd’s tribute (pictured) is the most adequate. The coverage has been incredibly over [...]

Apple is now Public Enemy No 1

With all of the patent suits Apple is currently filing against its tab and smartphone competitors, the title is more than justified. But the following is a personal rant that I believe exemplifies what is wrong with Apple. [Rant warning]

This may be a hypocritical title, considering that I am writing it on a MacBookPro, [...]

Walled gardens and forbidden cities

We used to define schadenfreude in technology circles as the warm and fuzzy feeling you got when something bad happened to Microsoft. Now I get the same feeling when something bad happens to Apple. True, they often make it difficult to hate, particularly when they come out with some beautiful technology. But as I [...]