If ACTA passes this week, nothing will happen

I know that I am beginning to sound like a scratched record (for younger readers, I refer to this piece of old technology), but when I read headlines like BoingBong’s Last push to kill ACTA: act now or the Internet gets it, I get upset. And angry. Angry and upset. Like a mild Hulk [...]

Australia will not adopt ACTA, yet

This is an ex-treaty!

Today the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties of the Australian House of Representatives has released a report on the implementation of the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The report is supposed to look at ACTA and make recommendations to the government about its implementation. I was positively impressed with the document [...]

Positive protesting

Yesterday I wrote about the anti-ACTA protests taking place across Europe, which prompted a very interesting tweet discussion with Geraldine Juarez (Storify in Spanish here). The gist of the argument is that Geraldine disagrees that there is no reason to protest, while my argument continues to be that people have been fed inaccuracies to get [...]

ACTA: What are they protesting against?

Today Europeans will be hitting the streets against ACTA. This is great, a sign of public engagement from a disillusioned generation that feels like they are not getting anything from their leaders. Something bothers me though. If I were to go to any of the protesters and asked why they are there, what would [...]

TPP: Welcome to the global war on intermediaries

Don't shoot the messenger

SOPA and PIPA are knocked-out. ACTA is on the ropes… time to relax? Not yet, meet the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the new front in the War on Piracy™. While there is already a trade agreement under this name, the TPP has been enhanced and in November last year the [...]

So what’s up with ACTA?

After the (at least for now) defeat of SOPA and PIPA, the copyfight has been moving towards a more international setting with the arrest of the Megaupload owners in New Zealand, and now with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). In fact, ACTA is not new, but it has been making the rounds [...]

ACTA turns out to be a damp squib

I said damp squib, not damn squid.

Good news everyone. Remember that international multilateral secret agreement everyone was worried about? It turns out that we do not really have to worry that much about it any more. The newest draft text of the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has now been published, and it [...]

ACTA in the UK

The final draft of the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) has been released to the public (unlike previous drafts, which were leaked). Previously we had looked at the possible changes that the agreement would bring to UK copyright law. I am happy to say that at least the worst case scenario did not materialise, but there [...]

ACTA update

A quick note about ACTA. There is a new leaked draft of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. There is an excellent analysis of the leaked text at Knowledge Ecology International (here and here).

The text is finally being trimmed down, but there are still some important disagreements. One of the biggest and more significant ones is [...]

How will ACTA affect UK copyright law?

Thanks to La Quadrature Du Net we now have a leak of the consolidated text for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) after the Luzern round of negotiations. It is always difficult to analyse texts that are in the drafting process, but we can now get a better idea of possible changes to national legislation. If [...]