Should Facebook spy on us to curb terrorism?

The Parliamentary Intelligence Security Committee (ISC) has published a special report on the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby by two extremists. The report offers an interesting insight into the workings of the security services, and while it criticises oversights by intelligence agencies that failed to identify the threat posed by […]


10 years of TechnoLlama

I’m late to my own birthday party! I just realised that this blog turned 10 last month. How time flies when you’re having fun and all that. I started the blog not really expecting much, it pretty much began as a personal project to save links to interesting content, and […]

Just an average Blood Elf mage

Misogyny in gaming

This is not a post about Gamergate. I have been trying to stay out of the Gamergate discussion from the start, mostly because having missed a big part of the controversy, it has become increasingly more difficult to understand exactly what is going on, but also because I suspect that the […]

Who wants to be forgotten?

Back when the Court of Justice of the European Union decided the case of Google Spain, one of my first comments was that we needed some time to have a look at the way the decision is going to be applied and implemented. It’s been just under 6 months since […]