Cyberlaw April Fool’s Day 2015

Every year we are presented with some truly delightful April Fool’s Day stories, and this year we have had quite a nice crop of Cyberlaw-related articles. Here are my favourites. The Alsace Pirate Party will become the Panda Party (in French): “…it is clear that the image “pirate” sometimes has […]

How many more domains do I need to buy?

New top level domains and the great Internet gold rush

Last week we learned that singer Taylor Swift purchased the domain names and in a move designed to prevent others from buying them and misusing her name. She is not alone, already Microsoft bought, and Harvard University purchased The domain name arms race is on. If […]

Living in a remixed world (TEDx talk)

I like telling stories, and today I bring you a story in space and time, involving knitting, 3D printing, over-blown intellectual property claims, and sharks. I hope that it will all make sense. The story begins in 2008 during the reign of David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. An episode […]


Time to rethink a flat rate for online content? European court decides on levies

The Court of Justice of the European Union has produced an interesting decision regarding copyright levies in the case of Copydan Båndkopi v Nokia Danmark (C‑463/12). Some European countries have established a copyright levy scheme for blank media, this means that whenever there is a sale of a product that […]

Looking at Citizenfour through Internet regulation

Last Sunday night Citizenfour, the Laura Poitras documentary about Edward Snowden, won the Oscar for best documentary. This is a great development for those of us who believe that the Snowden revelations constitute one of the most important events of our time, and hopefully it will prompt a wider examination […]

The monopolistic Internet

I’ve started reading “The Internet is not the answer” by Andrew Keen (a full review will be forthcoming), and listened with interest to the interview by the always astute Aleks Krotowski in The Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast. One of Keen’s comments during the interview, and from what I can see […]