Who wants to be forgotten?

Back when the Court of Justice of the European Union decided the case of Google Spain, one of my first comments was that we needed some time to have a look at the way the decision is going to be applied and implemented. It’s been just under 6 months since […]

The sharing economy is anything but

Costa Rica, like so many other countries, heavily regulates taxi services; this means that the government gives out a limited number of taxi certifications and licence plates and requires the use of a taxi meter. These requirements are designed to ensure a certain level of protection to consumers, as well […]

The return of cyber-libertarianism

For many of us interested in Internet Regulation, cyber-libertarianism is that wacky and archaic theory that is described at the start of a presentation, sort of like Geocities pages and Myspace profiles. “Look at what those naïve early Internet theorists believed, and isn’t that animated dancing baby hideous?” The cyber-libertarian […]

No, I do not believe in the multi-stakeholder model

I have attended the 9th Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul, which is a body that arose from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in 2005, and which has the stated aim of discussing “public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance to foster the sustainability, robustness, […]

Do monkeys dream of electric copyright?

The popular press and the blogosphere are going ape over the news that Wikimedia has refused a take-down request by photographer David Slater of the self-portrait of a macaca monkey, arguing that it is in the public domain (I promise no more monkeying around with the puns). Wikimedia posted the […]

Gikii 2014 programme

Here is the draft Gikii 2014 programme, visit the Gikii website for more details. This event is sponsored by CREATe     Draft programme. Sunday 31st August 6.30 pm. Pre-conference drinks Fortune of War, Brigthon, BN1 1NB. September 1st 9.30-10 Registration and refreshments 10-10.15 Welcome andintroduction 10.15 – 11.30 – […]