Geolocation, sex and innovation

During this year’s GikII, I presented a paper exploring some legal issues about augmented reality. We may be in the threshold of a revolution in the way we interact with mobile devices, with geolocation technology becoming more sophisticated, location-aware devices and services are increasingly relevant. The rise of Gowalla, FourSquare […]

SSCL Lecture Eben Moglen in Edinburgh

Last Wednesday I attended Professor Eben Moglen’s lecture in Edinburgh, he is presenting here for the second time in two years. Here are some notes. (Full lecture here). Defining the problem: Software is everywhere, it’s in cars, hospitals, in buildings, and in all other sort of devices. “There is software […]

Evidence we’re back in the 80s

This week I woke up back in the 80s. You do not believe me? Take a look at the evidence: A-Team? Check. Russian spies? Check. Tories in power? Check. Argentina v Germany? Check. Fashion? Check. Lakers v Celtic? Check. 1984? Check. Now, where did I put my denim jacket?


One more year, one more GikII. Ray Corrigan has already posted an excellent write-up and has said most of what I wanted to say anyway. Gikii proved once more that it is “stand-up for lawyers” and “a conference, but without the boring papers”. Some of the presentations are already available […]

Intellectual property and fashion

(via Nigel Jones) There is no better way to start the week than with some thought-provoking yet light TED talk. Johanna Blakley explains how the fashion industry has managed to survive without copyright protection. The ideas in this video are refreshing and important, although it contains a couple of mistakes […]