New map of online communities

For years, xkcd’s map of the online communities has been my favourite graphical representations of the Internet, and it has been immortalised as the cover of Edwards and Waelde’s Law and the Internet. Now there is an update, and what a beautiful update it is: Desert of Food Updates. River […]

ISPs set to fight future IP data disclosure in the UK

On the back of the ACS:Law debacle, there has been a lot of interest in the way in which firms like ACS:Law and Davenport Lyons obtained customer information from internet service providers linking IP addresses to broadband account holders. The information was obtained in English courts through what is known […]

Costa Rican court declares the Internet as a fundamental right

Very interesting news from the land of gallo pinto, the Costa Rican constitutional court (Sala IV) has declared that the Internet is a fundamental right in ruling 2010-012790. The case is actually a seemingly straightforward recurso the amparo (literally, writ of shelter, a measure against administrative abuses) which asks the […]

ACS:Law: When bad things happen to bad people

For some time now English law firm ACS:Law has been in the middle of controversy for its use of dubious tactics against copyright infringers. ACS:Law’s cause célèbre is that they became famous when they teamed-up with porn producers and then they started sending cease-and-desist letters to people claiming that they […]

U.S. to escalate War on Piracy at domain name level

Back in July we reported about a new strategy by American copyright enforcement authorities against websites considered to be pirating. “Operation In Our Sites” (notice the clever pun, or play of words) revoked the domain name registration of several sites engaged in copyright infringement. At the time, several people commented […]

Twitter exploit cripples website

Interesting start of the afternoon. Twitter has been hit by an XSS exploit which makes use of Javascript mouseover function in a browser, so that every time people browsed over a tweet, it opened a screen, sent an RT which propagated the vulnerability. The purpose was spam, the browser would […]

ACTA update

A quick note about ACTA. There is a new leaked draft of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. There is an excellent analysis of the leaked text at Knowledge Ecology International (here and here). The text is finally being trimmed down, but there are still some important disagreements. One of the biggest […]