Book wordle

So, I’ve finished my book (tentatively named ‘Networks, Complexity and Internet Regulation: Scale-Free Law’). Here is the Wordle for the entire book: Here is Chapter 1. I think it is clear that the book is about networks, don’t you think? And here is the Wordle for Chapter 4. First impressions? […]

Walled gardens and forbidden cities

We used to define schadenfreude in technology circles as the warm and fuzzy feeling you got when something bad happened to Microsoft. Now I get the same feeling when something bad happens to Apple. True, they often make it difficult to hate, particularly when they come out with some beautiful […]

The open Web vs the closed Internet

Oh Tufte where art thou? In future courses and textbooks dealing with misleading information design, the Wired infograph declaring the death of the Web will be Exhibit A in how to twist data to make a point. According to the now infamous article by Chris Anderson and Michael Wolff, the […]

SCRIPTed Issue 7:2 2010

Issue 7:2 2010 Editorial News From The Scripted Offices Findlay Stark, pp.242-243 Reviewed Articles “Beyond the Embryo: Transnational, Transdisciplinary and Translational Perspectives on Stem Cell Research” Rosario Isasi and Bartha M Knoppers, pp.244-247 Open Access and the Regulation of Commercialisation of Human Stem Cell Lines in the UKSCB Carol C. […]

Slow August

I have been blogging only a little because I am busy with trying to finish my book this August, so expect only a few updates in the coming couple of weeks. Normal service will resume in September.

BlackBerry vs The World

Internet freedom has a new name, and it is BlackBerry. It is hard to know when it happened, but at some point in the last month the BlackBerry became the enemy number one of  those countries with strong Internet filters. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will ban BlackBerries, […]

Blogging, anonymity and identity

As of today, I will semi-detach my personal and professional identity from the TechnoLlama online persona. This sounds more ominous than it actually is, what will happen is that I will remove my full name from the blog and my Twitter account, but will not hide who I am, will […]

Announcing Digital Interactive Symposium

Digital Interactive Symposium: Edinburgh 27 August 2010 (10:00 – 16:00) John McIntyre Conference Centre, Pollock Halls, the University of Edinburgh. Overview The Digital Interactive Symposium: Edinburgh (DIS:E) is an annual event organized by the Virtual Policy Network in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh. The Digital Interactive Symposium: Edinburgh 2010 […]