How will ACTA affect UK copyright law?

Thanks to La Quadrature Du Net we now have a leak of the consolidated text for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) after the Luzern round of negotiations. It is always difficult to analyse texts that are in the drafting process, but we can now get a better idea of possible […]

Geolocation, sex and innovation

During this year’s GikII, I presented a paper exploring some legal issues about augmented reality. We may be in the threshold of a revolution in the way we interact with mobile devices, with geolocation technology becoming more sophisticated, location-aware devices and services are increasingly relevant. The rise of Gowalla, FourSquare […]

SSCL Lecture Eben Moglen in Edinburgh

Last Wednesday I attended Professor Eben Moglen’s lecture in Edinburgh, he is presenting here for the second time in two years. Here are some notes. (Full lecture here). Defining the problem: Software is everywhere, it’s in cars, hospitals, in buildings, and in all other sort of devices. “There is software […]

Evidence we’re back in the 80s

This week I woke up back in the 80s. You do not believe me? Take a look at the evidence: A-Team? Check. Russian spies? Check. Tories in power? Check. Argentina v Germany? Check. Fashion? Check. Lakers v Celtic? Check. 1984? Check. Now, where did I put my denim jacket?


One more year, one more GikII. Ray Corrigan has already posted an excellent write-up and has said most of what I wanted to say anyway. Gikii proved once more that it is “stand-up for lawyers” and “a conference, but without the boring papers”. Some of the presentations are already available […]