SCRIPTed April 2011

The new issue of SCRIPTed – A Journal of Law, Technology & Society, is now live. This issue has some really interesting articles about Internet regulation and governance. In this issue: Editorial Cellular Therapies: Regulating A Sector In Turmoil Aidan Courtney, pp.1-7 Reviewed Articles The Path Dependence of European Copyright, […]

April’s Fools in Tech Roundup

I love April’s Fools, the mischievous nature of some jokes played over the years always manages to bring a small smile to my face. Here are this year’s Top 5: xkcd in 3D. The entire xkcd catalogue converted to 3D! Spotify closes European operations to fund its US incursion. This […]

Special 301, special interests, and developing countries

Another year, another Special 301 report on the making. The Special 301 is an annual report from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) prepared under section 301 of the Trade Act, in which countries are given disadvantageous marks based on how they enforce intellectual property rights, or whether […]