Licensing Options for Digitization

I am in Vancouver attending the conference Memory of the World in the Digital age: Digitization and Preservation, organized by UNESCO. Here is the prezi of my presentation. Licensing Options for Digitization on Prezi Enjoy… unless you suffer from motion sickness, in which case I’d give it a miss.

iOS 6 maps

I have been reading a lot about the problems with the iOS 6 map application, as Apple decided to remove the Google Maps app and roll their own. I thought they were exaggerating until I tried the application with my iPad. Apple, we have a problem… Here is my current […]

Andres Guadamuz

Facebook privacy statement hoax

I have been seeing different versions of the following legal-looking privacy statement on Facebook popping up through my timeline: “Facebook is now a publicly traded entity. Unless you state otherwise, anyone can infringe on your right to privacy once you post to this site. It is recommended that you and […]

Do avatars dream of digital rights?

I have been playing World of Warcraft again in preparation for the forthcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion (two words: panda monks!). For years I played in European servers the same character, an Alliance Human mage who then switched sides and joined the Horde as a Blood Elf, and finally settled […]

Defending non-commercial licences

A recent blog post by the Students for Free Culture has been making the rounds in social media in the last few days. The article calls for an end to Creative Commons non-free licences, namely those with non-commercial (NC) and non-derivative (ND) elements. The blog is based on the dislike […]

In search of an open Internet

Internet openness is all the rage these days. From call signs on buildings to Declarations of Internet Freedom, an important sector of informed users is catching on to the relevance of keeping the Web open. This openness movement has been prompted in part by the perceived and real threats coming […]

The Rise and Fall of Wikileaks

Back in 2010, Wikileaks was at the peak of its power and influence. The release of the Collateral Murder video, of the Afghanistan logs, and of the US diplomatic cables have to be seen as the zenith of the struggle between the Internet and the world powers. Although I was […]

Are smart buildings the next cyber-threat?

For years Eben Moglen has been warning about potential dangers of proprietary software in embedded computers, from trusted computing to chips running software nobody can access. Moglen’s warnings are more relevant, as builders and architects are racing to implement intelligent buildings and smart grids, which are widely heralded as a […]