SCRIPTed December 2012

The new issue of SCRIPTed is now live. Some interesting articles this time round: Cover The @ngel of the Digital Era Anna Maria Lopez Lopez (website) I believe that we are never alone in this world, real or digital, that´s why I wanted to represent an angel of digital world […]

Is the Internet free and open?

It has been an interesting week for those interested in Internet studies. As everyone knows, the International Telecommunications Union is meeting in Dubai for the WCIT, and there has been a bit of a revolt against what might happen. I have made my feelings clear, so there is no need […]

Yet another Facebook legal hoax

Since yesterday, a blog post I wrote about a Facebook privacy hoax has been getting a surprisingly large number of hits, so I assumed that the hoax was making the rounds. It is, but this is a slightly different version. This one is even more laughable than the old one: […]

Twitter Law

Some years ago I accompanied a friend to a radio station, where he was going to get interviewed about a show. Just before the interview, we were asked by one of the producers if we wanted coffee, and I replied “Yes, can I have a black coffee please?” She looked […]

Financing open projects

This week I presented at an event organised by MEP Amelia Andersotter at the European Parliament. This was a screening of three short films produced by the Blender Foundation and released under a Creative Commons licence. I was already familiar with some of Blender’s work, the excellent Elephants Dream (the […]

Amusing UK-based 419 scam

I have always been a fan of 419 scams. The broken English. The promise of untold riches beyond your imagining coming from the wife of the late Prince of Persia, Khadaffi’s widow, or a soldier in Iraq. The random nature. The appeals to your deity of choice. What’s not to […]

The War of Things

I am attending the Free Culture Forum 2012 in Barcelona, where amongst other things there has been a lot of talk about 3D printing, and was able to see a MakerBot in action at a hacker lab. The future is here. The monumental change that 3D printing will create may […]