Declaración de Libertad del Internet

Original* Preámbulo Creemos que un Internet libre y abierto puede crear un mundo mejor. Para mantener el Internet libre y abierto, hacemos un llamado a las comunidades, las industrias y los países a reconocer estos principios. Creemos que ayudarán a lograr más creatividad, más innovación y sociedades más abiertas. Nos […]

UN Human Rights Council promotes Internet rights

The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution last week on the “promotion, protection and enjoyment of human rights on the Internet” (A/HRC/20/L.13 ). This is a ground-breaking document in the history of digital rights because for the first time we have an international declaration that equates offline and […]

GikII 2012 Call for Papers

Call for Papers: 7th Gikii Workshop, 17-18 September 2012 UEA London 102 Middlesex Street London E1 7EZ UK It’s harder than it used to be to write a Call for Papers for GikII, the so-cool-it-hurts blue skies workshop for papers exploring the interstices between law, technology and popular culture. Back […]

Internet Freedom for the few?

A coalition of individuals and organisations from the US has released a very interesting initiative, the Declaration of Internet Freedom: We stand for a free and open Internet. We support transparent and participatory processes for making Internet policy and the establishment of five basic principles: Expression: Don’t censor the Internet. […]

Augmented reality law

IT lawyers are always looking for the Next Big Legal Thing (and they also like grandiose generalizations, but I digress).  From ebooks to iPods, you can always find an article describing the latest gadget in legal terms. For people involved in this area of law, it is always important to […]

Australia will not adopt ACTA, yet

Today the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties of the Australian House of Representatives has released a report on the implementation of the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The report is supposed to look at ACTA and make recommendations to the government about its implementation. I was positively impressed with the document […]

Virtual Heartbreak Hotel

I’ve been reading and watching with interest a UK Channel 4 report on the popular virtual world Habbo Hotel. For those unfamiliar with the story, Channel 4 News got a female producer to pose as an 11-year old girl for 2 months, who complains that she was subjected to extreme […]